Falling stars.

February 9, 2011

Wishes and dreams.

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Something which is totally irrevelant to the title above,haha! Talk about being random.Anyhoos,this is also a VERY random shot taken earlier.

I’m so cute huhuhu ><

Went over to Sze’s place today,and my gosh.Her cats are so adorable it almost scratched me because one of them came up to me.:’) Played Monopoly Deal and made dumplings for the first time today,haha! It was a brand new experience for me and Ke Li,heh.

Some of the dumplings we made.

The first dumpling I made! The end product of it though.And it kinda looked like a baby wrapped in a towel.Ah well!First timer.:D the dumplings gradually looked better…

Ke Li making her dumplings.Look at how nice they are!And it’s only her first time.But I made one burst.>)

Yours truly making a dumpling.Which most had a slight crack at the sides or in the middle.:(

Got pawned in Tap Tap 4 by Ke Li and nearly beat Sze in it…until Ke Li came to her rescue.:( We shall have a rematch,when i get my iTouch,okay?:) haha.Monopoly Dealed with the girls till Yi May left.:'(  Went home around 5 and stoned in front of the laptop with Jia ❤ hee.

Sometimes,I don’t get it.If you’re over someone,aren’t you suppose to forget that person completely and move on or just move on?I’ve been having sleepless nights ever since the break up,and hell,I’m losing weight too.Some help,please?


If I’m already over you,why can’t I just forget you?sigh.

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