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February 19, 2011

Just the way you are-Bruno Mars.

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The song kinda reminds me of those times when I was still in a relationship.That was a year and 8 months back,and I must say,it was a looong roller coaster ride.There were times when I wished I could just get out of the cart and walk on without looking back at the passenger or at anyone else.But when I look back at those times,like skipping school to study together,or sneaking out to go out on secret dates,hell.That was fun.In fact,I wouldn’t mind doing it all over again.

When I heard Bruno Mars’s album,especially his song ‘Grenade’,I paid more attention to the lyrics.When I was having a karaoke session with my friend via Skype,I realized that my boyfriend(at that time) would not do any of those things for me.I mean,if you were to catch a blade for your girlfriend or boyfriend,that’s called valiant or brave.Or even catch a grenade to save your significant other.

When we first broke up,I thought,”Hey,it’s going to be easy.Just..let go.Simple as A,B,C.” When I gave back his things,he still looked the same.It was as though nothing had changed..well,we didn’t hold hands,that’s for sure.:/ and after that little meet up,we did talk to each other a lot.And it took a bit of convincing to meet the parents.But that didn’t turn out so well.Called him recently,and I realized,it was a stupid move.Simply letting go and moving on is not as easy as some would say.

Just when it was starting to get better,you break everything again.

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