Falling stars.

March 8, 2011


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It’s already 12.30 am,and I’m still awake,even though I have my driving lesson later in the morning at 9.Somehow,I had this really weird feeling to blog at this moment,but now..it’s gone.Talk about blogging mojo,heh.

Was talking to a friend earlier,and it seemed to me that life has changed in many ways,may it be big or small and it seemed to her that she hadn’t notice what had happened.To cut things short,life doesn’t always go the way you want it to be like.When I was younger,I thought the world really depended on us.Truth is,we humans depend on the Earth.What with the recent earthquake in Hawaii and Christchurch,New Zealand,etc,I’d say we pretty much hurt Mother Nature and it’s pay back time for her?

I’m not exactly looking down on those who have high opinions on upgrading our lives.It’s just that we use so much chemicals in our daily lives and maybe it’s time to cut down on them already.Remember those times when our grandparents used to tell us about their lifestyles back in the 50/60’s?

“You know hor girl,last time where got computer or handphone wan.We all talk to each other face to face.Now got this and that,haih.Very complicating for an old man you know?”I heard this when I was on the LRT with my mom.The old man was talking to his granddaughter who looked no more than 14 and was texting on her phone.She mumbled something incoherent and continued texting.The old man heaved a loud sigh  and turned around to look at the scenery,a sad look in his eyes.Somewhere in between for him,life had taken a turn and it was giving him a hard time.

Fact is,no one can control their own lives and destiny.If we would,then I’d say there wouldn’t be a need for gods to be prayed to anymore.And I’m sure everyone would like to try to undo at least one mistake they did in their lives.But that’s how we learn-forgive and forget.

PS;For those I have offended,I genuinely apologize.I too,have respect for God and every type of religion there is out there,but I don’t mean to discriminate anybody.

PS;Old people are cool.Just hang around them more often,and you may never know,you’ll find a special bond in between you and your grandparents!;) I sure did.

Sometimes,that mountain you’ve been climbing is just a grain of sand-So Small,Carrie Underwood.Inspirational song,much?;)

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