Falling stars.

March 10, 2011

Of friendships and stars.

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I really miss last year,which happened to be my senior year.Yes,some of you may scoff at me.”‘Pfft,what’s there to miss about your senior year?You get shitloads of homework and assignments.Your parents pressurize you about getting good grades and excelling in your co curriculum activities,plus you need to find scholarships offered by various universities!There isn’t a free moment,especially if you’re a prefect or librarian!It’s pure torture!” This was the response I got from some of my juniors.My cousin’s response was the best,”Haiyo!School so troublesome la.I want to go to university now!” My aunts,uncles and other older cousins smiled at her whine.Little did she know that her school years are actually the best years of her life.

So you get homeworks.So do we when we go to college.Some of my friends are so busy,they don’t even have time to go out with anyone,except with their college friends during lunch breaks or for study groups.Correct me if I’m wrong,but I seldom spend any time with my ex-classmates ever since we started the new year.All we ever do is talk via Facebook Chat and one of them even created a Facebook page for us.:’) That shows how sentimental we all can get sometimes and boys,that doesn’t mean putting your head into your hands and cry/whine/moan about whatever happened.It just means you miss their company.Heh x) The librarians too.I miss one day camps,the juniors,the noise and most of all,my shift people.Heck,I couldn’t ask for better people to work with.I miss you guys tons.

We also get awesome classmates in college.But do you get the same ones in every class?I don’t think so.Take for example in high school.We sit together and learn subjects together.The best part?We get to mingle around and copy each other’s homework with ease and talk about the same subjects.In college,we don’t get to see the same friends in every class we take.

Part of the class.I truly miss you guys.

I remember those moments in class when those who did wrong trembled with fear and dare not look at the teacher in the eye,whilst the others laughed and joked happily without a single worry of annoying the teacher.I was the only librarian in the class and it was fun at times because it meant being able to skip any class at any time provided with a reasonable excuse.Good times :’) I remember the girls were very united.When one of us joined something,like registering for a seminar,we would call the rest of the girls and some of the guys who were interested.

Say hi to Venisha’s thumbsucking monkey :p Heh.

This was taken during Kasturi’s seminar.And it IS kinda cute,I have to admit.Okay,joking!But if I could,I’d make a memorabilia for my classmates so that we’d never lose each other’s contact,since the news about Mark Zuckerberg shutting down Facebook on March 15 is coming pretty close.:/ Lots of people have joined the event about waking up and logging into Facebook to check whether its still there or not.Hmm,interesting.But let’s just see what happens,okay?

And to top it off,we need to wear uniforms in school.Which kind of sucks at times.I mean,who wouldn’t trade not to wear the usual uniforms to school and wear casuals instead?I would.But that would mean more clothes.In college,you get to wear anything and it HAS to adhere to the type of clothes attire the college board has decided.Hmm,at least better than nothing,no?

I’m having orientation in a few day’s time,and I can’t say that I’m not excited at that prospect.What with my ex-senior telling me,”And I’d never thought I’d live to see the day Eva enter pre-U.” Yeah,some senior he is.But he is one of the easiest to bully.You  know who you are 😉 and for those starting university soon,good luck with your courses!:)

PS;I heard that the results are due during the March holidays or on the 23rd of March.Is it true?Leave your comments,please!


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