Falling stars.

March 11, 2011


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So we all should or would’ve known by now,that Japan is being struck by tsunami and an 8.8 magnitude earthquake as I type this.Was on twitter earlier reading random tweets from other twitters when suddenly I came upon the shocking news.Pray for Japan,please and keep a spare heart for the people there.I genuinely hope and pray for the best news for Japan.

When I was driving home earlier(yes guys,I got my L license already.Wait for my P license so that I can legally drive and hit everyone,alright?>) Ngehehehe.I was joking about that part.) and I listened to Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’.First time I listened,it was nothing like what she would normally produce.Like,listen to ‘Bad Romance’ and ‘Telephone’.Monster hits!I lovelovelove her deluxe edition of ‘Monster’.Yes,my dear readers,I am a big big fan of Lady Gaga,and who cares about her outfits?It just proves to show that she is different and so are each and every one of us.Different people means different preferences and therefore it means different flavors in the world!(Y) Heh.Forgive the procrastination,I was merely spouting nonsense out of my brain(or fingers?:O) Okay.SO,I was listening to Lady Gaga’s song and it made me think.Remember the starting line of the verse?It went something like,”My momma told me that we are born superstars”.Which I have to say and admit,is true.If you aren’t a superstar,your friends wouldn’t like you.Heck,they wouldn’t even go near you and chat with you,with keeping hopes of making friends with you.They’d just point and laugh at your ugliness or whatever they find weird about you.Pfft,no one would even care about you.

If you were heart broken,your friends would gather around you to find out what happened,wouldn’t they?The true ones would comfort and console,whereas the pretend friends shy and look away without bothering to say a few comforting words.If your friends console you,that would mean you ARE a superstar,in many ways.The point of the song basically means,just love yourself no matter how you look like.If you think you’re too skinny/fat/tall/short,well too bad.You just have to suck it up because hey,God made you this way and there is no way you can change yourself(unless that is,if you do plastic surgery :/)

And if you hate your friends/life,go do something about it.It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to adjust to some people’s level just so that they can be your ‘pals’.True friends often make the first move,and I’m proud to say that I love all my friends,no matter how ugly/annoying/crazy you are.Joking!But seriously,I do.You all are no.1 in my heart,and boyfriends are always no.2 coz they can leave you in pieces whereas friends pick you up,and make you stronger.

The earth is all we really have-Unknown author.Gotta admit,it’s the ONLY thing that’s keeping us alive now.:/

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