Falling stars.

April 9, 2011


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Isn’t it funny,how we all can be so insecure of anything AND everything?Earlier this evening,I was chatting with some of my classmates via Facebook chat,and we somehow stumbled upon the topic of relationships.A was talking about a girl he had chatted to in a pub,thus began the teasing of his friends towards him.Usually we wouldn’t mind if our friends tease us about something.Like,if you had gotten into a relationship with someone you had a crush for quite a while back.Anyone can deny this fact,but hey it’s true.Or if someone secretly admires you and doesn’t have the guts to tell you about it.It’s perfectly alright!To those secretly admiring anyone out there,don’t be afraid to own up!Express your feelings and you just might make someones else happier 🙂 Happiness keeps the world going,yes?Thumbs up if you agree with me 😀

Anyways,back to the topic.When we feel insecure,or heck-whenever I feel insecure,I’d start shooting accusations at everyone who I thought was involved in the situation.Back when I was in a relationship,I actually thought that my boyfriend was cheating on me with another girl.Turns out to be he wasn’t,but the girl was trying to make us break up.Well,the past’s the past and nothing can change that.We overcame that bump,but everything has got to have an ending.We broke up,not because of a girl but of something else.Feeling heartbrokened at that moment,my girl and guy friends picked me up and helped me piece myself back together.To those who did,I am forever thankful for what you did.You know who you are,eh? 😉

As the picture clearly says,whenever you fall down,you always pick yourself up and try again.That’s what I did,and to those broken hearted people out there,it’s alright to fall.Just don’t fall and lose yourself.You might not be able to find the missing piece of yourself which you vowed never to lose ever.”While making and mixing amongst your new friends,don’t ever try to change yourself because at the end of the day,no one but you you yourself and God will know whatever mistakes you’ve done,” That was the advice my parents gave to me when I was starting high school.

PS;It’s okay to admire someone from afar or nearby,but don’t take it too seriously,hey?It might lead to something good or bad.So keep the hope alive,but don’t be disappointed to see if he or she has someone in his or her heart already :/ There’s plenty of hope again.If you fall,there’s no harm in trying to get up again,eh?:)

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