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April 11, 2011


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Have you ever gotten into a situation where you didn’t know whether the person in front of you was queuing up or just standing there for fun?I sure did,but in a different situation.When I was practicing my parking in the driving circuit yesterday,there was this girl who had parked her car near the hedge.So after I had done my slope test,I then proceeded to do my parking.As I drove over and parked next to her car,her driving instructor yelled at me to reverse and told her not to park so in the next time she did her parking.Sheesh,talk about consideration.Her car was parked so in anyone would’ve mistaken it for her waiting for her instructor.Pushing that action away,I did my parking and three point turn test.Upon completing them,I then continued to redo everything.As they say,”Practice makes perfect,” heh.As soon I had finished my slope test,I did my parking test.As I went into the second parking slot,woe bestow upon me as I looked up whilst reversing my car into the parking box.The girl which I had mentioned earlier gave me the evil eye.Talk about being nonsensical!

And to those P and CDL licensed people,do give a chance to those who are learning.We want to pass our exams you know.Shouldn’t you NOT bully us when you’re on the road?Big cars don’t mean anything when you bully us small car drivers.Why bother buying a big car just to show off?We get it.Big car means big family.But you don’t have to take over the middle of two lanes. -.- Neither do you have to SQUEEZE your damn way through into a small and crowded space.Try to think about other drivers.You don’t own the road.

PS;I just sat for my driving exam today,and guess what?I passed it all.HEH!Future P driver on the way! 😀 but heck,I’m not as ruthless as some people on the road.

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