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April 19, 2011

King of Anything.

Filed under: random — evaaysw93 @ 11:02 am

Sometimes I wonder,who has the authority to make us do anything we don’t want to do?The first answer you would think of is,”Parents.Duh *shakes head/facepalm*” But it feels as though they don’t really have it.Take for an example.College.They can’t make us study what THEY want us to study,but WE can because it’s US who’s studying,not them.Pfft.Last year i used to ask my classmates what would they be studying in college.Most answered,”I don’t know.I’ll wait and see,” Well,I waited for their answers.Guess what their answers were?”Aiya,my parents decide for me one,” -.-Parents,if you do see this,please note that this is just an opinion of a teenager.

Another one is the occasional boyfriend/girlfriend.Girls,if he ever restricts you to meeting and hanging out with your guy friends,that means that he’s not the one.Boys,if she keeps texting you like every 387297389232 seconds,this means that she’s just simply worried about you or you just haven’t replied her text/calls yet.It’s a simple reminder yet.But if you ever,EVER cheat on your partners,this means that you need to stay single for a while.(:O

So you dare to tell me who to be.Who made you the king of anything?-King Of Anything.Heh ❤

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