Falling stars.

May 6, 2011

Just a dream.

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Currently listening to Christina Grimmie and Sam Tsui’s version.I LOOOVE their version.Especially Sam Tsui.I think his covers are awesome.Hands up to those who agree with me!:D hehe.Okay guys.So it’s been quite a while since my last post.That was because April was a really busy month for me.And when I say busy,I mean outings every week.Crazy huh?Yeah.Haha,my calendar was scribbled and crossed out with a lot of words.:O

Yes,I had to use a Post It to write down things and appointments to do just because my agenda section was full.:(

April was a pretty fun month for me,that’s what I can say.For one,I took the bus to college for the very first time.This was to avoid me missing out on the bus and not making me miss any class,heh.And I seldom use buses.I’m more of a train person.LRT,anyone?;) Hee.I also applied for a job at a local bookstore,but it was very hectic.Besides,I had a busy month planned in front of me already,what with outings and academic researches.I vowed to apply for a job during my long breaks.But knowing me,I’d break this simple vow,heh. :p

May brings a promise of new beginnings.For an instance,May marks the countdown to the day I start my college days and start anew.This time,no more teachers raging and screaming at us,demanding us to hand in our books whilst we students enjoy staring at her/his face slowly turning red or purple :p TEEHEE.No more wearing uniforms!But we get to wear casuals,and sometimes our definitions of ‘casuals’ are defined as too ‘simple’ or ‘sexy’ by the college dean.Then again,how can they stop us from wearing what we want?And the amount of assignments and homework is torturous,apparently AND according to my friends who have already started college.Eek,much? :O

I sense a new kind of feeling coming.Maybe it’s just me thinking outside of the box for once,but it feels so wrong yet right at the same time.Or maybe I’m just growing up.I used to think that whatever happens,will occur again.This time,I’m not feeling like that anymore.

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