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July 22, 2011


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Bonds- another word for relationships.

When we talk about relationships, the first thing that naturally comes to our minds are of those between the opposite genders. Thoughts of the relationships between the parents and the child seldom creep into our minds when we bring up this particular topic. There’s no absolute reason to think of the parents, come to think of it. We either have a love or hate relationship with them. Don’t you think so? If you don’t, let’s use an example of between a new born child and the mother.

When a child is just borned, a sense of overwhelming protection is felt by the parents. When the child is growing amidst knowing the rules of how the earth is being ruled, she will do just about anything to prevent the child from getting hurt. While taking their first steps, the parents will guide the child by holding on to their hands and arms while cooing gentle words that will encourage the child to walk. No matter how many times they fall hard onto their pamper-cushioned butts, they will still get up, knowing that their support will always be there for them, regardless of the mistakes that they make along the way of achieving their dreams and hopes.

Once the child turns into a teen, they will want to rebel even though they have everything they want. Believe me you, how many times have you seen kids going against their parents? I have a friend, who argued with her parents just because of a boy. She did so many things, but yet she saw the light at the end of the tunnel, and I must say, I cannot feel anymore prouder of her. In their late teens, the parents will feel as though their child is neglecting them as most of them have entered college and have their own lives to attend to, pushing their parents to one side and thus making the parents raging inwards at their children and at themselves for not teaching their children to prioritize them at every list the child has. This is when most fights start, from scolding to child when they  sneak out with their boyfriend or girlfriend, a pierced belly button, too many ‘skimpy’ clothes, and the list goes on. But, what the parents do not realize is that, when they do not prioritize their children, their children will tend to think negatively and thus, the start of doing negative actions. Need I mention what they are? If the family is prioritized, there would be no more rebels and fights.

From becoming a teenager to an adult, the child will fully understand the responsibilities of what the parents had to go through when they were at their child’s age. By then only will the child learn of their parents’s sufferings and when they go fall down hard, they know that their parents will always support them no matter what their mistake is.We often think that life is easy, and too many a time we have taken things for granted. Isn’t it time for us to look and think outside the box before we start becoming emotional and do stupid things which not only will not be beneficial to us, but also harming us in the long run at the same time?

I’m not trying to say that I have the most perfect family, or being the most perfect child. But it just saddens me to see that most kids nowadays defy their parents and yet refuse to go back to the way God had intended for us to live in. Isn’t it just enough to thank Him for what we have now than regret later?

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