Falling stars.

August 18, 2011


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Like everything else we have, we tend to lose our interest in them. Toys, clothes, music, gadgets-heck, you name it, and it’ll be there in your list. Main reason? We’re simply too lazy to keep in touch with the latest updates. Same thing goes with friends. Now, I’m not saying that my friends are a total bore and bore the shit outta me, but when I was scrolling through the list of my Facebook friends who was online, I noticed that two girls, C and Y, had not talked to each other. When I say talk to each other, I mean that they don’t write on each other’s Walls, nor attend parties that had any of them in it.

Back in the early secondary schooling days, the three of us were practically inseparable. Y was our little Ms. Fierce, C was our little Ms. Go-To-When-I-Have-Problems and I was little Ms. Talkative. Through thick and thin we stuck through and even though we didn’t always talk a lot to each other, but deep inside, we knew we were still friends and that title would never leave us. As we moved up through forms, we suddenly lost track of each other. Not really completely, but we just lost that magical touch that had once bonded us together. Slowly, we just stopped talking to each other. Y soon became a prefect, and C joined me as a librarian but we hardly saw each other because she frequented the canteen more often than I did, and I stayed in the library more to talk with my other friends and juniors.

But by the time we were in our final year, I suddenly felt that distance had entered our friendship and that we had broken our promise, ‘staying close friends forever’. Although Y and I still talk to each other, but the distance between C and I had hardened, forcing us to only have small talks, and not deep ones like we used to have. Earlier, C had messaged me, but it was just to ask questions about my love life. If close friends only asked about your love life, that totally means something else and I felt that I was being judged with every word I typed. It’s not a crime to ask about your friend’s love life, don’t get me wrong about that! It just depends on what level your friendship is. If it’s just to satisfy your thirst of gossip, especially if you don’t even like the person anymore, don’t bother asking because all we’ll ever get are just rumors and crap that’ll really ruin that person’s reputation, no matter who, what or where she/he is.

So please. Keep in mind that no matter what you do, distance isn’t a friend. Unless if it’s about something or someone that you hate, then it is.

PS;C, if you’re reading this, I kinda miss you. I miss those moments when we used to talk about nothings and go out almost every weekend. Y, I need to see your face. It’s been too long since the last time I saw you.

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