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August 29, 2011


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To many, language breaks the barrier of silence amongst people. We do not randomly go up to a stranger and start gibbering in a language we assume that person knows, but instead converse a language which is universal in this world. Language, too, is the communication tool that is widely used globally, other than acts of kindness(which is often followed closely with a smile not far behind), hand gestures and the list goes on. If without language, how are we humans suppose to communicate with other?

In this picture as we all can see, Jane is talking to Tarzan with what she had taught him. Tarzan initially was rather reluctant to learn from Jane as he thought learning from her was a waste of time and besides, he had better things to do than listen to someone natter and chatter nonsense away at his ears. Eventually,he gave up and learned from Jane. They moved out from the jungle and to the city where Tarzan then realized that language was indeed important to everyone. I’m not trying to say that you should only learn one specific language and then tell everyone else other languages are the teachings of the Devil, but instead learn to accept people for who and what they are, even though they might be bananas or mangosteens. Don’t classify people just because you cannot accept their skin color, race or even what they know. Take for an example, those who we always see in the library are often classified as nerds. Sure, we can all say that they might have nothing better to do or are lifeless people. But what do we know from their past? They might have been bullied, or simply being anti social which was caused by experiences they had to go through alone. Heck, they might even be shy!

So, never judge a book by its cover. A person who looks happy on the outside may be pretending to be happy to cover up her past, and to show the world a positive side. A person who has multiple piercings might be showing the world they are unhappy, but happy on the inside instead. Same goes for those who think that other races do not know other races’s language. I have a friend who is a Malay but is rather fluent in the national language, and also mandarin. So, think before you assume. 🙂 It’s pretty easy if you have an open mind, eh?:)

PS; If I had insulted anyone, my deepest apologies.

PPS; It’s the end of the fasting season! To the Muslims, selamat Hari Raya! Maaf zahir dan batin dan selamat berbuka puasa ❤

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