Falling stars.

November 6, 2011


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After 6 long years of not seeing each other(the last time we saw each other was when we were in standard 6.can you imagine how long  ago that was?jeez), I finally met with my bish. She came late, but heck, who cares about who’s running late when it all comes down to spending time with that person? Watched ‘Shark Night’ with her, and omgosh. We practically talked throughout the entire movie, asking questions like,”Wah why the shark fin so shiny one?” or, “Wooaaah look at her body mann.” Haha. The best one was,”Wah the shark can FLY!” We practically covered our faces with our hands(or was it me only?) and good God, was it gory. The producers of this film must have loved gore a lot. I mean, what’s with the psychotic videos of sharks eating humans? Goodness. Then, headed to this restaurant to grab some food. There was when camwhoring started. This was my favorite.

i rove you twoo ❤

That was when we had our hearts to hearts, and damn. I really and truly admire your courage in everything, hun. No matter what you screwed up in, there’s always a reason why you did it. And why God wanted it to happen. Hell, if He didn’t plan it, we all might not have learned through our mistakes, no? But the one thing I really like about her was the ability to look at girls who once insulted her like they’re rubbish and mean shit to the world. It takes courage to do that, and I salute you mann. ❤

 Even though we didn’t spend the entire day together, but  I felt the 4 short hours we spent today was valuable. Nothing can beat a talking session over food. And the bonding session? Please. Give me that over shopping, I’ll take it any day.

Friends are more valuable than money. Not only will they listen and help you through your problems, they’ll also be there to pick you up when you fall down hard on your ass.-x

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