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February 16, 2012

To you;

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Ever since we broke off, I kept telling you go to find a new girl. Oddly, it never hit me that you would find a new replacement fast.

Even though you had found my replacement, you don’t have to tell me everything about her. About how she crinkles her goddamn nose and she looks cute like that, or how she sounds when she wakes up. I get it. And it only adds salt to the wound.

I guess I wasn’t good enough for you, eh? And we were not really that good together anyways.

But hey, you made me realize something. You made me realize what an asshole you are. And that truly, was an eye opener for me.

Who the fuck, screams at people for no reason? Or better yet, blame them for things they didn’t even do or know about it?

You do.

And when I do that, I get screamed at instead, And then we start fighting, again. Doesn’t it tire you?

I guess it does.It tires me out like nobody’s business. But don’t you ever know when to give up? I don’t think so.

So here’s my final letter to you, after being with you for 5 months, and for being in an off and on relationship for 3 months.

I guess we weren’t just compatible, eh? We were like two same jigsaw puzzles. Yes, you were there when I needed comfort. But were your words comforting?

No. They weren’t. They made me feel worst instead. And throughout the entire relationship, I felt like I was choking. It was a constant struggle between peace and war. One moment we’d be holding hands and laughing at silly jokes, the next we’d be fighting about what one of us spoke about. You think it’s amusing when I speak sarcastically? Well, aren’t you being clever. At least you don’t understand some of my insults.

Yes, I’ll admit. You’re caring, and protective. But you’re only good as a friend, not a lover. And even though you’re going to hate me for typing this, guess what, big guy? I. Don’t. Care. Straight up. And you have mood swings. Like a bitch. Everyone has that, I’ll agree. But yours is more exaggerated than others. So I don’t want to watch a movie with you or have to cancel last minute on you because of personal reasons. You show your temper. But you always follow me when I go shopping because “I don’t want you to go alone,” and when I tell you not to, you show your temper.

I’m not complaining to the world about your flaws, I’m just merely blogging about why we weren’t compatible.

But I guess you won’t care about this, eh? Since you got yourself a new girlfriend  the same day you told me you moved on, I stopped hoping on you. Maybe some day you’ll look back and think of me, but I sure as hell won’t because, you’re an ass.

There are so many vulgar words I’d like to tell you straight to your face, but you’ll just twist and turn it. So what’s the point? I don’t see any reason of us getting back together anymore.

And I wish you all the best in your new relationship, you asshole.



  1. Thanks to come and visit my blog LorcréArt on wordpress, hope your love affair will be soon over and troubles will be forgotten, go ahead, there are thousand young guy waitting for you, don’t forget to always smile at life and every thing will be easeaier. “Don’t worry be happy” have you heard about this song ! cheerp up

    Comment by Lorcreart — February 17, 2012 @ 2:46 am | Reply

    • thank you! Well, I do believe in the saying, “there are many other fishes out there in the sea” but I guess it all comes down to fate, eh? 🙂 haha yes for sure. 🙂 And yes I have heard of it. It’s pretty cute haha 🙂 I like that song too 🙂

      Comment by evaaysw93 — February 17, 2012 @ 8:35 am | Reply

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