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February 17, 2012

Dear friend.

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I haven’t been in your position before, so do forgive  me if what I say hurts you.

Why do you think suicide is your only way out of your problems? Suicide isn’t what you think it is. Problems are actually challenges that are given to us by God. And you do believe in him, right? So don’t do anything irrational. I know you used to think that people who commit suicide are stupid, but after being in their shoes, you now know how it is like.

Well, you don’t.

Have you thought about what would happen after you commit suicide? I don’t think so.
Have you thought about your friends? About what they would do? You do have friends, for Christ’s sake. Don’t think of them as people who backstabbed you. Sure, we do make mistakes, but you’ll forgive a friend if they’re willing to forgive all of your mistakes, no matter what it is. I have, plenty of times. Sure, you don’t see it, but you feel it.

Have you thought about your family? About their reactions?
Sure, you might scoff at it, saying,”It’s not like they’re gonna care, right? Pscht.”
I’ve thought of suicide before. And people close to me have, too. When they were talking about it, I felt as if they were stupid. And it’s such a waste of life. Not because you think you don’t matter to them. You do. If not, what would you be doing here? If they don’t like you, they would have kicked you out from your home already, or send you to the orphanage. Trust me, I have heard of stories like that. Your family members do love you, but they’re just not showing it.

Have you thought about your future?
You might say,”Future? Do I even have one?” Sure you do!
What was your dream? Or is it still your dream?
I remember your dream is to be a successful businesswoman. And I support you in it, 100%.  But you destroying your own dreams? Uh-uh. Not in that, sweetheart.
You’re gonna have a family in the future, and be pretty successful in your work life and marriage life. Do you want to just let it all go like that? And is it even worth it?

I’m not saying that you should just give up because of your troubles now. Just accept them as challenges. Even though you’re gonna say,”Screw this shit,” but don’t we all have challenges in life?

Jesus is our protector, but He lets us learn by going through our own challenges so that we know our mistakes and can fix ourselves.

Remember this; a life can be easily taken away, but have you thought about the benefits of taking your own life?

Would you rather face and learn from your mistakes, or run away from them?
I know, that you would face and learn from them, not run.

But if you did choose the latter, I would say, I’m very disappointed in you for making such a stupid decision.


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