Falling stars.

July 19, 2011

Of heart breaks and chocolates.

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If you loved someone too much, you would forgive him or her over the simplest mistakes they had made before.-xx.


What does it mean, really? We often try figuring out, but much to our dismay, we often fail to grasp the real meaning of it.My mother once offered her words of wisdom to me,” If he takes you out for a date,i.e dinner, then a movie, it doesn’t mean that he loves you. Love doesn’t evolve from there. It comes from fully understanding the person, and whether you will be able to adopt to their mannerisms. If you cannot stand that person, it means that you’re not meant to be with him or her.”

To me, love basically means caring a lot for someone else and basically forgiving any minor faults he had done before. But, I think I’ve reached my limits already.

Is it time to let things run its course?


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