Falling stars.

January 7, 2012


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I was browsing through a junior’s blog earlier, and I noticed that in her posts, the tone of bitterness towards others was there in each and every one of them. Not to be rude, but I felt that she should just relax a tad more and take a breather to enjoy life as it is because life as it is now is like receiving a gift from God. We may never know what will happen to us in the future, so why fret and be bitter about what’s going to happen later then?

Some of you may beg to differ and say,”Why don’t you want to know what lies in your future? I do, that’s why I want to work hard and stay preservered for my future so that I know how to handle it well and not panic.” Me? I just take life as it is. It doesn’t mean that I don’t work hard to keep my life the way I want it to be, I do. I simply don’t show the cracks to anyone else and whine about things I cannot change with my own will. I cannot simply change the way of how someone thinks about something. What if they were right and I was wrong? The most famous question that many people would usually ask themselves before doing something; what if.

What if I didn’t take that chance? Would I regret it?

What if he didn’t help that old lady? Would she be alright without his help?

What if I didn’t help that lady on the wheelchair? Would she be better off without my help?

What if I didn’t donate money to them? Would other people help them out?

What if I didn’t appreciate today and procrastinate on it instead of trying to make it better? Would I regret it? 

Dammit, I would. I would grab that day  or chance by its neck and try to make it better, no matter what it took me. Happiness, is one of life’s precious gifts. Why should we waste it on something negative instead of something positive? By having happiness, everything looks better, and brighter too.

On the way back from work earlier, my mum interrupted my thoughts abruptly by bringing up the subject of vehicles and getting me one by this year, hopefully before my birthday. To be honest, I actually don’t mind if I don’t own one. Even though I had my driver’s license since last April, I didn’t really drive around much, except to get my daily items at the back of my housing area, and to shopping malls, where one of my parents would accompany me and drive the car back to the house. I thanked my mother and said that there was no rush in getting me one as we had to think of where to park the car. Plus, was it even relevant? I asked myself. Would it make me a happier person? Nah, I answered my own thoughts. It would make me feel normal, on the inside and the outside. Even though I’m not a huge fan of public transportation, but I do laugh at those who would drive around in circles at parking lots in hopes of getting a place to park their car.  But then again, I sometimes wished I had a car to drive me around so that I don’t have to wait for the bus to come nor trouble people to pick me up from my house or send me home. Oh, the contradiction of life. You want it, but you gotta work for it. Another of life’s valuable gifts in teaching us juniors the ways of life, eh? 🙂

Even though life is tough for many of us, but hey, it’s a gift. No matter what type of fix you are in right now, always know that God is out there somewhere guiding you into a better future. 🙂



December 30, 2011


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Hey guys! Just came back from Bangkok a few days ago and oh my gosh, it was AHMAZING. Especially the shopping. Found so many good things, I wished I had more time to do my shopping there. For an instance,the price of a skirt which could be found in Malaysia was only about a 100 baht there, but here it was about RM60-70. Good deals I’d say. Pretty good ones too! Spent about the entire day just walking around shopping or strolling along malls window shopping, gasping in awe at the prices and checking our wallets to make sure that we had the right amount to get a specific item, may it be useful or not. Basically, we just splurged on our items like nobody’s business and boy, did we go crazy there! 🙂

Bangkok on the first day was crazy. Left on the 23rd of December, and I remembered being so excited about it I only slept about an hour the night before. Spent the entire night texting my friends heh. Woke up at 4ish and reached the airport around 7. Loitered around until 7.45 to get on the plane and the air hostess and air hosts were so friendly.

First flight overseas! Aha. The cousin just had to snap a photo of me, but that wasn’t the highlight of the flight. One of the highlights was us commenting on the food, like, “EH! Why your food so nice wan?!” or, “Wah, iPad! *stare*” Haha, yes, we were that weird. The best part was no one was staring at us when we said that. :p Another highlight of the flight was when we touched down on Bangkok. The view was breath taking like seriously. When we reached the hotel, we rested for a while and then we moved on to destination 1; a shopping mall! 🙂 There, the cousin and I practically went into every stall and started trying clothes on, pissing sale assistants as we tried on clothes and sneered at their clothes. Despite the low prices, but they were a tad too weird to wear back in Malaysia.

Got my cousin to be the model for the day :p these  decorations were found at a shopping mall near our hotel. The decorations there were beautiful and HUUUGE. :O aha.

One of the stalls at the street side. This in particular sold the most Angry Birds merchandise, and it looked cute haha. And no I didn’t get me a pair even though they look so adorable 🙂

On the way back to our hotel. Spotted a pink taxi whilst walking on the way back on the train’s bridge. And pink taxis are very common in Bangkok. The best part was, they were all either Toyota Vios or Toyota Altis. Not bad, huh?

Our first meal when we touched down in Bangkok; chicken rice! The rice was scrumptious, but likewise for the chicken although it did go well with the rice. 🙂 thumbs up for the chicken rice there! 🙂

We then had a welcome dinner and watched a cultural show somewhere near the hotel. No pictures were allowed to be taken during the show:( but the show was amazing. The show was basically about the history and the culture of Thailand, and everything was so real despite it being shown on a stage. BUT! We got to take pictures with the actors and actresses of the cultural show. Ehehe :p

The main characters of the cultural show. Their costumes were quite nice. And the show was amazing. Seriously. Went to the beach the next day and the color of the sea water was so clear you could actually look at the sand at the bottom. And it was clean! Haha. Spent the whole day at the beach and went to a local night market at night. The prices were low there too, but the quality was bad. The accessories were cheap though. Got a handful of ear rings for about 5 baht, which is equivalent to 50 sen here. 😀

Sat in a tuk tuk the next day aha. It was great fun, coz everyone was looking at the three of us laughing our heads off for nothing. Went to Chaktuchak and splurged like a boss there. The deals there were amazing. Could’ve spent the whole day there, but there were far more exciting things to do than just shopping! 🙂 ahah. On 24th, went to watch an elephant show as well as a crocodile show. Too many pictures, so they’ll be on facebook instead 🙂  saw a cabaret show at night, and the girls were so pretty.

The first three days of the trip was simply breath taking. But the other two just mainly consisted of shopping, shopping and more shopping 🙂 Bangkok was truly an amazing experience. And I wouldn’t regret going back there again, any time. 🙂

November 6, 2011


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After 6 long years of not seeing each other(the last time we saw each other was when we were in standard 6.can you imagine how long  ago that was?jeez), I finally met with my bish. She came late, but heck, who cares about who’s running late when it all comes down to spending time with that person? Watched ‘Shark Night’ with her, and omgosh. We practically talked throughout the entire movie, asking questions like,”Wah why the shark fin so shiny one?” or, “Wooaaah look at her body mann.” Haha. The best one was,”Wah the shark can FLY!” We practically covered our faces with our hands(or was it me only?) and good God, was it gory. The producers of this film must have loved gore a lot. I mean, what’s with the psychotic videos of sharks eating humans? Goodness. Then, headed to this restaurant to grab some food. There was when camwhoring started. This was my favorite.

i rove you twoo ❤

That was when we had our hearts to hearts, and damn. I really and truly admire your courage in everything, hun. No matter what you screwed up in, there’s always a reason why you did it. And why God wanted it to happen. Hell, if He didn’t plan it, we all might not have learned through our mistakes, no? But the one thing I really like about her was the ability to look at girls who once insulted her like they’re rubbish and mean shit to the world. It takes courage to do that, and I salute you mann. ❤

 Even though we didn’t spend the entire day together, but  I felt the 4 short hours we spent today was valuable. Nothing can beat a talking session over food. And the bonding session? Please. Give me that over shopping, I’ll take it any day.

Friends are more valuable than money. Not only will they listen and help you through your problems, they’ll also be there to pick you up when you fall down hard on your ass.-x

April 14, 2011


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Have you ever felt that feeling when you’ve fallen for someone who has the heart for another person?I have.And now it feels like the entire world’s being shattered and broken down already.




It feels like a permanent december between us.I’ve never felt colder towards you.How did things turn out to be like this?

April 11, 2011


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Have you ever gotten into a situation where you didn’t know whether the person in front of you was queuing up or just standing there for fun?I sure did,but in a different situation.When I was practicing my parking in the driving circuit yesterday,there was this girl who had parked her car near the hedge.So after I had done my slope test,I then proceeded to do my parking.As I drove over and parked next to her car,her driving instructor yelled at me to reverse and told her not to park so in the next time she did her parking.Sheesh,talk about consideration.Her car was parked so in anyone would’ve mistaken it for her waiting for her instructor.Pushing that action away,I did my parking and three point turn test.Upon completing them,I then continued to redo everything.As they say,”Practice makes perfect,” heh.As soon I had finished my slope test,I did my parking test.As I went into the second parking slot,woe bestow upon me as I looked up whilst reversing my car into the parking box.The girl which I had mentioned earlier gave me the evil eye.Talk about being nonsensical!

And to those P and CDL licensed people,do give a chance to those who are learning.We want to pass our exams you know.Shouldn’t you NOT bully us when you’re on the road?Big cars don’t mean anything when you bully us small car drivers.Why bother buying a big car just to show off?We get it.Big car means big family.But you don’t have to take over the middle of two lanes. -.- Neither do you have to SQUEEZE your damn way through into a small and crowded space.Try to think about other drivers.You don’t own the road.

PS;I just sat for my driving exam today,and guess what?I passed it all.HEH!Future P driver on the way! 😀 but heck,I’m not as ruthless as some people on the road.

March 29, 2011


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Is it just me,or is it the old feelings popping up at times when I don’t want to think about you,especially during times when I read my old blog posts?You’ve definitely left a mark somewhere in my heart,and I REALLY want that mark to leave me alone so that I won’t succumb to the voices in my head screaming at me inwardly to call and check on you so that I won’t feel worried about you.

Why is it just so hard not to care for someone,especially if he or she used to be your best friend?Or someone who used to be your boyfriend or girlfriend?

Please,just leave me be.Don’t bother talking to me,because it just makes the wound hurt even more than ever.

This song reminds me of you so much.But maybe it’s because I kind of miss you.

February 9, 2011


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Sometimes I wonder, do you still think of me? What with tons of girls asking/hinting at you,in which I don’t believe at all. do I still have a place in your heart? Sleepless nights and endless worrying,sigh.FML

If only I was stronger than this.

Wishes and dreams.

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Something which is totally irrevelant to the title above,haha! Talk about being random.Anyhoos,this is also a VERY random shot taken earlier.

I’m so cute huhuhu ><

Went over to Sze’s place today,and my gosh.Her cats are so adorable it almost scratched me because one of them came up to me.:’) Played Monopoly Deal and made dumplings for the first time today,haha! It was a brand new experience for me and Ke Li,heh.

Some of the dumplings we made.

The first dumpling I made! The end product of it though.And it kinda looked like a baby wrapped in a towel.Ah well!First timer.:D the dumplings gradually looked better…

Ke Li making her dumplings.Look at how nice they are!And it’s only her first time.But I made one burst.>)

Yours truly making a dumpling.Which most had a slight crack at the sides or in the middle.:(

Got pawned in Tap Tap 4 by Ke Li and nearly beat Sze in it…until Ke Li came to her rescue.:( We shall have a rematch,when i get my iTouch,okay?:) haha.Monopoly Dealed with the girls till Yi May left.:'(  Went home around 5 and stoned in front of the laptop with Jia ❤ hee.

Sometimes,I don’t get it.If you’re over someone,aren’t you suppose to forget that person completely and move on or just move on?I’ve been having sleepless nights ever since the break up,and hell,I’m losing weight too.Some help,please?


If I’m already over you,why can’t I just forget you?sigh.

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