Falling stars.

April 25, 2011


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Over the past weekend,I felt so happy.Went out with close friends on Friday and spent on shits I wouldn’t spend on if I was out with my mom.For that,I thank you girls.For letting me realize that not only I am someone who doesn’t give a second thought about her cash(oh wait I do,that was why I didn’t really pay up for the popcorn.I iz sorry D:) when she’s out spending time with her friends,especially the close ones.And I totally crashed out in a primary school friend’s party.Good shizz,but I miss the guys -and the girls- there.They be awesome people to hang out with.

And now this means I have to be a miser when I start college in…one month’s time.How I love SEGi now.Ngehe.But it wouldn’t have hurt to start a little earlier,no?I kind of miss being a busy bee,doing assignments,homeworks and shits that college people do.Yeah,go on.Ask the obvious question;’What are you still doing here then?Go find a part time job!Jeez.Like anyone needs to tell you THAT*rolls eyes*” I wanted to wait for the actual results so that I could save some more money when I registered for my course,you twits.How in the whole wide world were we ex form fivers suppose to know that it would come out in mid March?And,the college which I wanted to register in don’t accept late comers.Fair enough.So I get 2 more months to bunk around doing nothing except be dad’s driver and watch movies on repeat like x293893482394568234.

But hey!2 months?I completed my driving exam during mid April and had some dramas going on which kinda made time flew like a bird let out of its cage for the first time in AGES.Yeah,April was a busy month for me.I had so many things to attend to,and the first thing I’d always refer to everyday when I get out of bed is my calender.I sound like some busy woman,rushing from here to there and then EVERY SINGLE WHERE.  When I’m not hanging with the friends,or even chilling with them,I stare at the tortoises.Do you know how tiring it is to take care of tortoises?Give me a break if you don’t own any,coz you won’t know how goddamn tiring it is to take care of a damn tortoise.

My skin looks like crap here.I think I need a facial.And I need to hit the gym.FAST.Oh wait,I have my own one at home.HEH.

PS,forgive the vulgarity.I just watched Enrique Iglesias’s new music video and there were like tons of naked girls in it.What is is with hot guys and naked people?-.-

PPS;Just went for first driving session with the dad in a Honda.I’m never driving again,period.It scared the fuck out of me.-.-


April 13, 2011

Attention seekers.

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Earlier today,I was talking to some of my friends in Facebook.I then noticed one of my friends,A had updated her status about her leg injury.Before I could wish her well,another girl,B,wrote about wishing her well and self praising herself at the same time.Talk about seeking for attention!Jeez.Go tell that to your pillow or whatever you talk to at night,don’t tell the entire world about what a saint you are.We don’t want to know that.

PS;I don’t have any hate against those who praise themselves.Its just so annoying to hear you praise your own damn self,especially when you don’t praise others as much as you do to yourself.

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