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August 6, 2012

Hello; Part 1

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A simple word, yet uttered so many times everyday that we can’t keep track.

What does it mean?

To many, it sounds like a greeting. To some, it sounds like hope. And to others, it sounds friendly.

I find “Hello” a strong word. You see, that’s how I make friends.

Generally, I would just grunt in response to whoever who says it to me and expect a frown or another grunt back. I don’t even expect a clap on the back or a high five, nah. That’s not how I do it.

I’ve yet to introduce myself. How rude of me. Soo..

Hello. *insertgrunt.

I’m Yvonne. But people call me Yve, or the grunter, because I grunt to everything.

I’m sixteen. Sweet sixteen? Not a chance, sweetheart. I only got a slice of cake on my birthday, and that was it. No MTV nonsense like you see on the TV. Unless if you can spend like a few thousand dollars on it. 

I keep all to myself. No secrets, no harm. That’s also how I got my other nickname, the antisocial one. Yeah, go figure. Anyways,I prefer looking at people, staring at them.

Judging them from their attire, attitude, looks- you name it, I’ve judged it all.

So yeah, that’s about it.

At the end of the hour, I’ve already made a long list on my mind on who I want to look at and who I want to watch out for. It’s harsh, but hey baby, you just gotta do it to believe it.

It’s not useless if you think about it. It actually helps you to keep an eye on. And to observe human nature.

In case you’re wondering, I don’t stare at people from my window. I’d rather sit out on a sunny day and watch people from a brick wall from an abandoned house, which I’d like to call my own. The wall, I mean. Not the house. There were rumors going on that druggies use that house or something like that. Not my cup of tea.

So there I was one fine day, waiting and sitting on my usual brick of a wall, swinging my legs back and forth and taking a sip out of my cola for the 900th time when suddenly,

“Oh hello, young lady! Don’t you be swinging those legs of yours and drinking that soda. Ain’t good for your health!” 

Stunned to the bottom of my seat, I fearfully turned around and saw this dear old lady with a bamboo walking stick smiling and waving her hand at me, as though I was just another random kid on the street, caught eating too much Cheetos. I said “Yeah, sure!”, ensuring a smile followed after my words, jumped off my wall and walked back home, the place which I loathed the most.

The smell of weeds welcomed me as I entered my driveway, overlooking the porch with its pathetic pot of plants with weeds growing in them. I kept my head low and turned the doorknob clockwise, making a loud click sound as I opened it.

The next thing I heard was;

“Hello dear, you must be Monique’s daughter. How lovely to see you!”



As I promised, I said that this would be the place where I’d write tiny short stories for you guys. 

If you guys liked this, please leave some comments, and hopefully I’ll get some feedback from you guys! 🙂 

Thank you 🙂 


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