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February 17, 2012

Sneak peek

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Just a little sneak peek of what I did during my casting session with my friend.

Stay tuned! :p


February 16, 2012

To you;

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Ever since we broke off, I kept telling you go to find a new girl. Oddly, it never hit me that you would find a new replacement fast.

Even though you had found my replacement, you don’t have to tell me everything about her. About how she crinkles her goddamn nose and she looks cute like that, or how she sounds when she wakes up. I get it. And it only adds salt to the wound.

I guess I wasn’t good enough for you, eh? And we were not really that good together anyways.

But hey, you made me realize something. You made me realize what an asshole you are. And that truly, was an eye opener for me.

Who the fuck, screams at people for no reason? Or better yet, blame them for things they didn’t even do or know about it?

You do.

And when I do that, I get screamed at instead, And then we start fighting, again. Doesn’t it tire you?

I guess it does.It tires me out like nobody’s business. But don’t you ever know when to give up? I don’t think so.

So here’s my final letter to you, after being with you for 5 months, and for being in an off and on relationship for 3 months.

I guess we weren’t just compatible, eh? We were like two same jigsaw puzzles. Yes, you were there when I needed comfort. But were your words comforting?

No. They weren’t. They made me feel worst instead. And throughout the entire relationship, I felt like I was choking. It was a constant struggle between peace and war. One moment we’d be holding hands and laughing at silly jokes, the next we’d be fighting about what one of us spoke about. You think it’s amusing when I speak sarcastically? Well, aren’t you being clever. At least you don’t understand some of my insults.

Yes, I’ll admit. You’re caring, and protective. But you’re only good as a friend, not a lover. And even though you’re going to hate me for typing this, guess what, big guy? I. Don’t. Care. Straight up. And you have mood swings. Like a bitch. Everyone has that, I’ll agree. But yours is more exaggerated than others. So I don’t want to watch a movie with you or have to cancel last minute on you because of personal reasons. You show your temper. But you always follow me when I go shopping because “I don’t want you to go alone,” and when I tell you not to, you show your temper.

I’m not complaining to the world about your flaws, I’m just merely blogging about why we weren’t compatible.

But I guess you won’t care about this, eh? Since you got yourself a new girlfriend  the same day you told me you moved on, I stopped hoping on you. Maybe some day you’ll look back and think of me, but I sure as hell won’t because, you’re an ass.

There are so many vulgar words I’d like to tell you straight to your face, but you’ll just twist and turn it. So what’s the point? I don’t see any reason of us getting back together anymore.

And I wish you all the best in your new relationship, you asshole.

February 3, 2012


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Hello, world! Did you miss me? I did, but I didn’t manage to have the time to blog about the recent happenings in my life.

So, Chinese New Year just ended, and I’m surprised to say that I received the most ang pao money this year compared to the other 17 years of my life. You see, according to tradition, the older one is, the lesser ang pao money they are suppose to receive. But maybe it was because I added the winnings of the gambling game I had with my relatives. Hmm. Either way, it’s still a lot of money, and I’m not complaining about it! 🙂

When I was at my uncle’s place, my aunt brought out photographs of us in Bangkok and we looked through every single on of them thoroughly, as to check and point out our flaws in the photos. Whilst chortling and teasing those in the photographs, a sudden thought went through my mind; what if we were just a fragment of everyone’s lives? I mean, sure, we all are living things, so we can’t really be considered as a fragment nor be called one. But what if we just passed through people’s minds? One moment we really do matter to them, and the next, we mean nothing at all? What if we were just a fragment of their memory?

Sometimes when I see people at printing shops holding photos that has just been printed out, chortling and pointing at the photos, I would stop for a while and wonder; would they still remember the person in the photo that they had captured in say, maybe 10, 20 years’ time? Or would they ponder upon it and give up if it’s too hard of a task for them? Or would the frozen images in the photograph make them smile and reminisce about those good old times you once had? Not to mention, would it make you wonder about what were they doing  at that exact moment? Or even to call them and surprise them?

Whenever I look at old photos of my parents and of me and my brother when we were growing up, I would point at some random person and ask my mum, “Hey, who’s this? Have we met this person before?” My mum would give the same answer,”Yes, but you were just a baby that time. You wouldn’t remember their faces, what more their names,” Heck. I’ve seen the faces of so many people in my parents’s photo album but I’ve never ever seen them in real life nor have my parents even called them to ask about their lives now, let alone visit them.

So, I hope that whenever I glance down at this photo in the future, I’ll still be in touch with her.

Dear C,

I know you’ve gone through so much hardship back last year, and I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you all the time. Even though we lived so close but yet we don’t often go out much, which pretty much sucks because knowing both of us, we can never stop talking if we hung out all day. And the shopping, can get pretty crazy. You’ll always be my best criticizer, no matter in what I do, and I’m proud to say that you’re my best friend. No matter what people think of you, screw that shit because we both know that we cannot satisfy everyone’s needs. Enjoy Sydney, and I know you’ll make it through and get that double degree. I have confidence in you!

Even though I won’t be able to hang out with you every week or so, but hey, there’s still skype, right? I’ll definitely call you to update you about every single thing. And it’s been so long since we’ve met, right? Primary school! That’s a pretty long time ago.. Heck, it’s been 9 years since we’ve been together as friends, and we’ll count many more years together, right? Throughout thick and thin we still stayed together as friends, and I’m sorry if I ever neglected you during those times when you needed a shoulder to cry on.

I’ll definitely miss you. And no, I won’t forget you, because you’re simply irreplaceable in my heart.

December 31, 2011

The last day of 2011.

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31st December 2011. How time flies. Last year, I was at Genting, celebrating New Year’s with my two friends and my ex. Little did I know that change was definite during the upcoming year.

I started 2011 with the break up with the ex. Horrible as it was, I still moved on, believing that there were better guys out there than the asshole of a guy. Days passed on, and I bid farewell to friends who had to move overseas to continue their tertiary education. Distance did not do any harm to our friendship as we communicated via Skype and messaged each other on Facebook, sharing our daily stories and whatnot, amusing each other at the same time. But somehow or rather, distance found a way, breaking friendships and long conversations were shortened to short ones.

Received our SPM results and even though they weren’t good, but hey, at least I had survived through SPM! Aha. Got my driving license and became the family’s temporary driver, dad’s especially, and the KL drivers are ruthless people. They simply worm and weasel their way into any empty space just so that they can be ahead of the jam, rushing back to their homes and offices.

During April, I received one of life’s greatest treasures; a pet baby tortoise. Not only did she convert me into a tortoise lover, she also taught me to be a patient person as I took care of her and another pet tortoise. But, God loved her more, and she left us after 5 months. That was one of the darkest days in 2011 for me and till this day, I still miss her more than ever.

 Hey Izzie, take care wherever you are. I hope you’re somewhere safe and that no one can harm you. I miss you more than ever each day. Stay hyper, alright? 🙂

Entered college during May, and met a handful of people which made my college days and classes. Suffice to say, you guys are my little rocks, and I do sincerely apologize if I don’t talk much to you much these days. Hours became days, and friends who had left for education overseas came back during their breaks. Hanged out with them, and shared precious memories, another of life’s gifts, with each other.

Days became months, and college became tougher. I started working, and it sure did give me some experience with children. I can say, it isn’t easy working with them. Because once they don’t get their ways, you know you’re definitely in trouble 😉 so better watch out! Aha.

More friends left as the months passed by, mainly because for their education. But, as usual, we kept in touch with the help of technology. New relations were built as well, drawing us closer than before, teaching about the ways of life in ways that we could have never imagined.

But, I could safely say for now, 2011 has definitely been memorable for me, partly because it had opened up my eyes to so many things that I could have never imagined back in high school. Parting with my high school friends and meeting new friends was definitely NOT on my list, but hell, it happened. And even though I had regretted in maintaining several friendships, I had gained new and better yet, awesome friends along the way who not only love everyone for who they truly are, but also insulting them like crap along the way. You guys know who you are 😉 I love you to bits. ❤ and the best part was, 2011 changed me into a better person. 🙂

Resolutions for 2012? Well, they haven’t been made, but they will be, during the year. And as I type, I hear the crackling sounds of fireworks. Happy new year to you all dear readers, and have yourself a blast during 2012! The world isn’t going to end, even though there has been predictions about it. So, if it is, then party everyday like there’s no tomorrow and face your challenges with courage that you have. God bless always ❤

December 30, 2011


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Hey guys! Just came back from Bangkok a few days ago and oh my gosh, it was AHMAZING. Especially the shopping. Found so many good things, I wished I had more time to do my shopping there. For an instance,the price of a skirt which could be found in Malaysia was only about a 100 baht there, but here it was about RM60-70. Good deals I’d say. Pretty good ones too! Spent about the entire day just walking around shopping or strolling along malls window shopping, gasping in awe at the prices and checking our wallets to make sure that we had the right amount to get a specific item, may it be useful or not. Basically, we just splurged on our items like nobody’s business and boy, did we go crazy there! 🙂

Bangkok on the first day was crazy. Left on the 23rd of December, and I remembered being so excited about it I only slept about an hour the night before. Spent the entire night texting my friends heh. Woke up at 4ish and reached the airport around 7. Loitered around until 7.45 to get on the plane and the air hostess and air hosts were so friendly.

First flight overseas! Aha. The cousin just had to snap a photo of me, but that wasn’t the highlight of the flight. One of the highlights was us commenting on the food, like, “EH! Why your food so nice wan?!” or, “Wah, iPad! *stare*” Haha, yes, we were that weird. The best part was no one was staring at us when we said that. :p Another highlight of the flight was when we touched down on Bangkok. The view was breath taking like seriously. When we reached the hotel, we rested for a while and then we moved on to destination 1; a shopping mall! 🙂 There, the cousin and I practically went into every stall and started trying clothes on, pissing sale assistants as we tried on clothes and sneered at their clothes. Despite the low prices, but they were a tad too weird to wear back in Malaysia.

Got my cousin to be the model for the day :p these  decorations were found at a shopping mall near our hotel. The decorations there were beautiful and HUUUGE. :O aha.

One of the stalls at the street side. This in particular sold the most Angry Birds merchandise, and it looked cute haha. And no I didn’t get me a pair even though they look so adorable 🙂

On the way back to our hotel. Spotted a pink taxi whilst walking on the way back on the train’s bridge. And pink taxis are very common in Bangkok. The best part was, they were all either Toyota Vios or Toyota Altis. Not bad, huh?

Our first meal when we touched down in Bangkok; chicken rice! The rice was scrumptious, but likewise for the chicken although it did go well with the rice. 🙂 thumbs up for the chicken rice there! 🙂

We then had a welcome dinner and watched a cultural show somewhere near the hotel. No pictures were allowed to be taken during the show:( but the show was amazing. The show was basically about the history and the culture of Thailand, and everything was so real despite it being shown on a stage. BUT! We got to take pictures with the actors and actresses of the cultural show. Ehehe :p

The main characters of the cultural show. Their costumes were quite nice. And the show was amazing. Seriously. Went to the beach the next day and the color of the sea water was so clear you could actually look at the sand at the bottom. And it was clean! Haha. Spent the whole day at the beach and went to a local night market at night. The prices were low there too, but the quality was bad. The accessories were cheap though. Got a handful of ear rings for about 5 baht, which is equivalent to 50 sen here. 😀

Sat in a tuk tuk the next day aha. It was great fun, coz everyone was looking at the three of us laughing our heads off for nothing. Went to Chaktuchak and splurged like a boss there. The deals there were amazing. Could’ve spent the whole day there, but there were far more exciting things to do than just shopping! 🙂 ahah. On 24th, went to watch an elephant show as well as a crocodile show. Too many pictures, so they’ll be on facebook instead 🙂  saw a cabaret show at night, and the girls were so pretty.

The first three days of the trip was simply breath taking. But the other two just mainly consisted of shopping, shopping and more shopping 🙂 Bangkok was truly an amazing experience. And I wouldn’t regret going back there again, any time. 🙂

November 6, 2011


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After 6 long years of not seeing each other(the last time we saw each other was when we were in standard 6.can you imagine how long  ago that was?jeez), I finally met with my bish. She came late, but heck, who cares about who’s running late when it all comes down to spending time with that person? Watched ‘Shark Night’ with her, and omgosh. We practically talked throughout the entire movie, asking questions like,”Wah why the shark fin so shiny one?” or, “Wooaaah look at her body mann.” Haha. The best one was,”Wah the shark can FLY!” We practically covered our faces with our hands(or was it me only?) and good God, was it gory. The producers of this film must have loved gore a lot. I mean, what’s with the psychotic videos of sharks eating humans? Goodness. Then, headed to this restaurant to grab some food. There was when camwhoring started. This was my favorite.

i rove you twoo ❤

That was when we had our hearts to hearts, and damn. I really and truly admire your courage in everything, hun. No matter what you screwed up in, there’s always a reason why you did it. And why God wanted it to happen. Hell, if He didn’t plan it, we all might not have learned through our mistakes, no? But the one thing I really like about her was the ability to look at girls who once insulted her like they’re rubbish and mean shit to the world. It takes courage to do that, and I salute you mann. ❤

 Even though we didn’t spend the entire day together, but  I felt the 4 short hours we spent today was valuable. Nothing can beat a talking session over food. And the bonding session? Please. Give me that over shopping, I’ll take it any day.

Friends are more valuable than money. Not only will they listen and help you through your problems, they’ll also be there to pick you up when you fall down hard on your ass.-x

July 26, 2011

Growing up.

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For the past 18 years, I have never worked before (unless if you count babysitting baby cousins and housework in,that is). People have told me about their working experiences, and often, I think about what they say.

“You stand in the supermarket for 8 hours, promoting crap that nobody wants. Is that the job you want? For me, I was forced to. It’s because I want to earn some extra pocket money.”

“Being a part timer, it’s really hard, especially when you have to juggle between your studies and work. It’s not an easy life, but heck. Why not suffer and enjoy later? That is what I would advice my children in the future.”

As quoted by Grant M.Bright, we reap what we sow. Which is generally quite true. In real life, if we don’t strive for what we want, we’ll have to wait for light years for it to come, which means you’re going to have to wait like some donkey. Right now, the most important thing on everyone’s priority list is..money. And no, it’s not love anymore. Most people who have money end up dying single because they have worked for their money and not letting their money work for them. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? But, that’s just how the world works. For me? I’m letting my money work for me, and I work for my money as well. So it’s kind of a win-win situation 🙂

Looks like it’s finally time to grow up already, isn’t it?

July 16, 2011


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Recently, my friend had just gotten out of a relationship. Although he had only dated the girl for nearly 5 months, but deep down inside, the girl mattered a lot to him. The best part of the story is, the girl didn’t even want to care about him anymore. If she needed help in anything, she would call out to him to rescue her, no matter the situation. But if the situation was reversed, she couldn’t be bothered to help  him out, even though it was one small tiny favor.

Being in a relationship myself, I don’t see the purpose of the girl doing that to my friend. I mean, what’s the point of being in a relationship if you’re just using him/her for your own pleasure? It kind of means that you’re degrading the person, making him/her look like they’re someone who falls easily for another person. A relationship is meant to be something beautiful, and it should be treasured. If we don’t treasure our relationships, then what’s the point of being in one?

To those who’re in a relationship, treat your other half like he/she was something precious. Never let them go out of your sight, because you’ll never know what’ll happen. And if you have to let them go, let them go with good grace. Revenge is never something good, for it may lead to  your very own destruction. We all know that relationships often brings the meaning of something beautiful, but when it ends, it doesn’t always have to end disastrously. In fact, it can be the start of a beautiful friendship.

To my boyfriend, thank you for always being there with me. I know I’m not the perfect girl, but you know I’m always there for you.<3

Currently listening to Brooklyn Bridge by Lee Dewyze and I think it’s pretty sweet+romantic at the same time.

April 11, 2011


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Have you ever gotten into a situation where you didn’t know whether the person in front of you was queuing up or just standing there for fun?I sure did,but in a different situation.When I was practicing my parking in the driving circuit yesterday,there was this girl who had parked her car near the hedge.So after I had done my slope test,I then proceeded to do my parking.As I drove over and parked next to her car,her driving instructor yelled at me to reverse and told her not to park so in the next time she did her parking.Sheesh,talk about consideration.Her car was parked so in anyone would’ve mistaken it for her waiting for her instructor.Pushing that action away,I did my parking and three point turn test.Upon completing them,I then continued to redo everything.As they say,”Practice makes perfect,” heh.As soon I had finished my slope test,I did my parking test.As I went into the second parking slot,woe bestow upon me as I looked up whilst reversing my car into the parking box.The girl which I had mentioned earlier gave me the evil eye.Talk about being nonsensical!

And to those P and CDL licensed people,do give a chance to those who are learning.We want to pass our exams you know.Shouldn’t you NOT bully us when you’re on the road?Big cars don’t mean anything when you bully us small car drivers.Why bother buying a big car just to show off?We get it.Big car means big family.But you don’t have to take over the middle of two lanes. -.- Neither do you have to SQUEEZE your damn way through into a small and crowded space.Try to think about other drivers.You don’t own the road.

PS;I just sat for my driving exam today,and guess what?I passed it all.HEH!Future P driver on the way! 😀 but heck,I’m not as ruthless as some people on the road.

April 9, 2011


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Isn’t it funny,how we all can be so insecure of anything AND everything?Earlier this evening,I was chatting with some of my classmates via Facebook chat,and we somehow stumbled upon the topic of relationships.A was talking about a girl he had chatted to in a pub,thus began the teasing of his friends towards him.Usually we wouldn’t mind if our friends tease us about something.Like,if you had gotten into a relationship with someone you had a crush for quite a while back.Anyone can deny this fact,but hey it’s true.Or if someone secretly admires you and doesn’t have the guts to tell you about it.It’s perfectly alright!To those secretly admiring anyone out there,don’t be afraid to own up!Express your feelings and you just might make someones else happier 🙂 Happiness keeps the world going,yes?Thumbs up if you agree with me 😀

Anyways,back to the topic.When we feel insecure,or heck-whenever I feel insecure,I’d start shooting accusations at everyone who I thought was involved in the situation.Back when I was in a relationship,I actually thought that my boyfriend was cheating on me with another girl.Turns out to be he wasn’t,but the girl was trying to make us break up.Well,the past’s the past and nothing can change that.We overcame that bump,but everything has got to have an ending.We broke up,not because of a girl but of something else.Feeling heartbrokened at that moment,my girl and guy friends picked me up and helped me piece myself back together.To those who did,I am forever thankful for what you did.You know who you are,eh? 😉

As the picture clearly says,whenever you fall down,you always pick yourself up and try again.That’s what I did,and to those broken hearted people out there,it’s alright to fall.Just don’t fall and lose yourself.You might not be able to find the missing piece of yourself which you vowed never to lose ever.”While making and mixing amongst your new friends,don’t ever try to change yourself because at the end of the day,no one but you you yourself and God will know whatever mistakes you’ve done,” That was the advice my parents gave to me when I was starting high school.

PS;It’s okay to admire someone from afar or nearby,but don’t take it too seriously,hey?It might lead to something good or bad.So keep the hope alive,but don’t be disappointed to see if he or she has someone in his or her heart already :/ There’s plenty of hope again.If you fall,there’s no harm in trying to get up again,eh?:)

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