Falling stars.

February 21, 2012

Dear midterms,

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Please be good to me.


Okay? 😉


November 4, 2011


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How do you truly define love?

Do you regularly buy gifts for your significant other to show your token of appreciation?


Do you simply tell them you love them everyday without any doubt in you?

September 7, 2011

For real.

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Today, felt like it was a very productive day.

After class, my classmates were quite pretty hyped to watch Final Destination 5, in which I didn’t want to join in as I myself am not a person who particularly enjoys gore. I mean, who likes seeing blood splattering everywhere and then laugh at it? Disgusting. My boyfriend, who had asked everyone to watch, then started to get angry with me because apparently I was being ‘selfish and a bitch’ since I had watched it before with my friends ( and yes, I didn’t know it would be so gory because we haven’t watched any of the other four movies and we wanted to watch something else other than cutesy things hehs). So we went on our separate ways, him being pissed at me, and me feeling very annoyed. And it so happened that we took the same bus back -.- he sat at the back whilst I sat in front of the door, hoping he wouldn’t see me…which didn’t work. He saw me, and started talking. It annoyed me to the extend of me telling him to get lost because I was already so annoyed and angry at him for being angry at me for no reason. He then got off the bus early, leaving me alone. But, I didn’t go home. Instead, I went to the shopping mall to walk, think, and also cool down.

I then suppressed my feelings and walked around the entire mall to cool down. The amazing thing was, I managed to cool down, and was also glad of the time I had for myself. Imagine being able to shop alone for once, and to also have some ‘me time’. When I finally sat down to grab some lunch, I just felt relieved. Not because I didn’t want any company, it felt like a whole ton of weight had finally been lifted off my shoulders. I felt like the old me was coming back out again.

To have quality time for yourself, I learnt today, is simply impossible in college since your schedule is always hectic. And I’m glad I had the time for myself today…and also bought a new friend. Meet Mr. Rabbit!:) And yes, Jia Yun, its the same as what Sam and I bought for you when you were back here in Malaysia. Come back soon, please? I really miss you guys.

July 29, 2011

If only.

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..life was as joyous as the little boy in this picture,then we all don’t need to be frustrated at people 24/7.

Don’t you find it annoying when you get blamed for nothing at times? Especially when it’s a huge mistake that someone else did? I do. And most of the time, the mistake doesn’t even involve me.

And through dire times like this, sometimes all we ever need is just,


coupled with

and you’re happy for life already. Guaranteed! 🙂

PS; Dear college mates, if you’re reading this, thank you for making me laugh. Even though I’ve been such a shitty person, but I still want to apologize for it. You know who you guys are.

July 25, 2011


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Let’s face it. When we get angry, our emotions spiral out of our control, leaving the inner demons to take over and allowing us to spew abusive language and act irrationally. This also means that when we lose our tempers, our ego points go up about a hundred points. You think and say you know it all, when actually you don’t. In fact, you even ASSUME you know it all.

If everyone’s ego is high, then we’d be looking at snobs everywhere.Don’t assume, ask if you need to. When we assume, everything goes downhill from there.

So…lesson is, don’t even assume, think or say you know it all because you just can’t judge a book by its cover. You have to look at the spine, know the title and even read a couple of pages to know what the book is all about. If it piques your interest, go ahead. Learn more about the book. But if it doesn’t,just put it aside and go on reading other books. You’ll find something that’s interest you for sure.

March 28, 2011

Taking chances.

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Haven’t been writing in quite a while.Reason?Nothing much to write about,except about the not-so-interesting things I wake up and see everyday in my house.Hoo hum.Anyways,the results came out two days ago and I must say,I got pretty shocked when I saw mine.I got some pretty unexpected grades for some subjects which I thought I’d get a lower grade,or likewise.Anyhoos,it’s over already and congratulations to those who have scored straight As!So what if it’s not an A+,but an A or a A-?What matters is that you’re a smart ass,period.:D

Now that I’m done with primary and high school,university’s the only road I haven’t endured yet.I must say,I’m pretty excited about it!:) Back in February,I checked SEGi University College and I found out that the campus is actually pretty cute!They have facilities everywhere,and it’s actually quite convenient for one to study there.That was my first choice,and for those who are going to study there,I strongly advise you not to be scared and try to remember where everything is.I nearly got lost there when I went there for the first time for some SPM seminar.But when it comes to studying,I don’t think the decorations or type of food matter much,no?

Checked out HELP College of Arts and Technology next,and oh my gosh.Talk about being cautious.There was this route under the LRT station which was full of potholes and imagine if you were to walk there alone.You might be followed by some mysterious stalker or maybe by your fellow classmates.:D okay,forget that.I was merely trying to scare entertain some of you readers.>) But the switching of trains made me realize that trains are actually the best transport we have.They don’t really pollute the earth,and the best thing is?They can carry lots of people in them!You can say that the trains might have pickpockets and all but that just means that we have to take extra care and precautions of our things.

Anyways,this year marks the year of us borned in 1993 going into college!I know,some of you might think,so what?Ugh.It’s not like you’re going to die or anything.*facepalm*  It matters to some,especially those shy ones.You may not know this,but I had a friend who used to be pretty shy back when he was in high school.Upon setting foot in college,not only did he open up,he also became a better person.When I say better,I mean lame joker.But he became friendlier too! 🙂 for those starting college soon,good luck in your courses and for those who’re still slacking at home doing nothing but stuffing your faces and watching reruns of your favorite TV shows,get up and go find a job!It’s never too late to go get some experience 😉

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