Falling stars.

January 26, 2012

And sometimes,

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I wish you can really read my mind.

You just have no idea how much this is killing me, seriously.


January 7, 2012


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I was browsing through a junior’s blog earlier, and I noticed that in her posts, the tone of bitterness towards others was there in each and every one of them. Not to be rude, but I felt that she should just relax a tad more and take a breather to enjoy life as it is because life as it is now is like receiving a gift from God. We may never know what will happen to us in the future, so why fret and be bitter about what’s going to happen later then?

Some of you may beg to differ and say,”Why don’t you want to know what lies in your future? I do, that’s why I want to work hard and stay preservered for my future so that I know how to handle it well and not panic.” Me? I just take life as it is. It doesn’t mean that I don’t work hard to keep my life the way I want it to be, I do. I simply don’t show the cracks to anyone else and whine about things I cannot change with my own will. I cannot simply change the way of how someone thinks about something. What if they were right and I was wrong? The most famous question that many people would usually ask themselves before doing something; what if.

What if I didn’t take that chance? Would I regret it?

What if he didn’t help that old lady? Would she be alright without his help?

What if I didn’t help that lady on the wheelchair? Would she be better off without my help?

What if I didn’t donate money to them? Would other people help them out?

What if I didn’t appreciate today and procrastinate on it instead of trying to make it better? Would I regret it? 

Dammit, I would. I would grab that day  or chance by its neck and try to make it better, no matter what it took me. Happiness, is one of life’s precious gifts. Why should we waste it on something negative instead of something positive? By having happiness, everything looks better, and brighter too.

On the way back from work earlier, my mum interrupted my thoughts abruptly by bringing up the subject of vehicles and getting me one by this year, hopefully before my birthday. To be honest, I actually don’t mind if I don’t own one. Even though I had my driver’s license since last April, I didn’t really drive around much, except to get my daily items at the back of my housing area, and to shopping malls, where one of my parents would accompany me and drive the car back to the house. I thanked my mother and said that there was no rush in getting me one as we had to think of where to park the car. Plus, was it even relevant? I asked myself. Would it make me a happier person? Nah, I answered my own thoughts. It would make me feel normal, on the inside and the outside. Even though I’m not a huge fan of public transportation, but I do laugh at those who would drive around in circles at parking lots in hopes of getting a place to park their car.  But then again, I sometimes wished I had a car to drive me around so that I don’t have to wait for the bus to come nor trouble people to pick me up from my house or send me home. Oh, the contradiction of life. You want it, but you gotta work for it. Another of life’s valuable gifts in teaching us juniors the ways of life, eh? 🙂

Even though life is tough for many of us, but hey, it’s a gift. No matter what type of fix you are in right now, always know that God is out there somewhere guiding you into a better future. 🙂


December 10, 2011


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Suddenly felt the strong urge to blog, even though I’m in the midst of doing my finals. Three papers down, one more to go then it’s play time! 🙂

I was talking to my neighbor a while ago about life. I went out to let Shelby exercise, since she usually doesn’t have the chance to do so during the weekdays and I saw him polishing his cars. We chatted for a while, about my college life, course, his work and the usual whatnots. When we stumbled across the friendship topic, he told me this; people change. Just move on and even though they may have forgotten you, but at least you were once friends with them. Never forget who they were to you before, may they be your close pals, acquaintances or just friends.

I nodded my head, as to show him that I understood the meaning of what he said. Granted, I would have never imagined not talking to my close friends back when I was in secondary school. I got to see them 5 times a week, sharing stories and jokes, with minor fights along the way, not to piss anyone off but just for the sake of fun. We would then laugh about it and make fun of that person who got annoyed about it, and poke fun at people, making them ‘learn’ about things they did not know about. Oh well, the humor of a bunch of 17-year-olds are very much known by everyone, right? The dirty jokes, and the immaturity of single people poking fun at those who were in a relationship, who brushed them off as easily as brushing dust off their clothes and laughed along with them. Yes, those were the best times in school and we said that we would never, ever stopped talking like that to each other.

Sooner or later, one by one stopped talking to each other. The noisy ones still talked to each other, but the quiet ones mixed with themselves and ignored the noisy ones, thus sort of segregating the classmates. Although we do arrange for outings together, but many failed to show up due to wrong timings, or the laziness they felt inside. After all, why bother to go out when you can create a group and chat with the members inside it? But, deep down inside, we all changed slowly. At first, it was those who entered college earlier. After a few months of talking and spamming the other ex-classmates, they soon stopped because of their exams. Then, they seldom kept in touch because they were too preoccupied with their lives. The rest followed suit, but we still arranged outings and whatnots just to see each other physically and commemorate the memories we had in class last year.

Funny thing about us people, we do change. Heck, the world is changing, in ways we ourselves can never dream of. The polar bears in the north are dying due to global warming. The ice bergs are breaking, and recently a huge piece of ice berg was found floating near Australia. That incident was certainly not anticipated by many people, even the scientists. The world is getting hotter, and many are falling sick due to the weather. We once said to go green but I don’t see many trying. Yes, I do see some people bringing their own bags when they do their grocery shopping at the markets, but not many do that. Only about 1 in about 5 people would do that. I myself bring my own bag out, no matter what day it is. If I forgot, I just stuff the small items into my handbag and if needed, I would ask for a plastic bag to place the bigger items in it. I then use the plastic as my rubbish bin’s plastic bag to cut down on the usage of plastic. We all know, that even though the world was as perfect as we envisioned it to be like, but deep down inside, the desire of men cannot be really and truly be filled to the brim. 50 years ago, the world had more flora and fauna compared to now. The reason? Men wanted to commercialize their companies, and build better homes and to also make people’s lives better. Not to say that I do not support that, I really do, but now when you look at it, deforestation is one of the world’s biggest problems. Many are choosing to recycle rather than not to, just to save the Earth. If we really do carry on with activities that not only would destroy Mother Nature, we would only bring disaster to ourselves. The question now is; how long would it take for us to self-destruct?

August 18, 2011


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Like everything else we have, we tend to lose our interest in them. Toys, clothes, music, gadgets-heck, you name it, and it’ll be there in your list. Main reason? We’re simply too lazy to keep in touch with the latest updates. Same thing goes with friends. Now, I’m not saying that my friends are a total bore and bore the shit outta me, but when I was scrolling through the list of my Facebook friends who was online, I noticed that two girls, C and Y, had not talked to each other. When I say talk to each other, I mean that they don’t write on each other’s Walls, nor attend parties that had any of them in it.

Back in the early secondary schooling days, the three of us were practically inseparable. Y was our little Ms. Fierce, C was our little Ms. Go-To-When-I-Have-Problems and I was little Ms. Talkative. Through thick and thin we stuck through and even though we didn’t always talk a lot to each other, but deep inside, we knew we were still friends and that title would never leave us. As we moved up through forms, we suddenly lost track of each other. Not really completely, but we just lost that magical touch that had once bonded us together. Slowly, we just stopped talking to each other. Y soon became a prefect, and C joined me as a librarian but we hardly saw each other because she frequented the canteen more often than I did, and I stayed in the library more to talk with my other friends and juniors.

But by the time we were in our final year, I suddenly felt that distance had entered our friendship and that we had broken our promise, ‘staying close friends forever’. Although Y and I still talk to each other, but the distance between C and I had hardened, forcing us to only have small talks, and not deep ones like we used to have. Earlier, C had messaged me, but it was just to ask questions about my love life. If close friends only asked about your love life, that totally means something else and I felt that I was being judged with every word I typed. It’s not a crime to ask about your friend’s love life, don’t get me wrong about that! It just depends on what level your friendship is. If it’s just to satisfy your thirst of gossip, especially if you don’t even like the person anymore, don’t bother asking because all we’ll ever get are just rumors and crap that’ll really ruin that person’s reputation, no matter who, what or where she/he is.

So please. Keep in mind that no matter what you do, distance isn’t a friend. Unless if it’s about something or someone that you hate, then it is.

PS;C, if you’re reading this, I kinda miss you. I miss those moments when we used to talk about nothings and go out almost every weekend. Y, I need to see your face. It’s been too long since the last time I saw you.

July 29, 2011

If only.

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..life was as joyous as the little boy in this picture,then we all don’t need to be frustrated at people 24/7.

Don’t you find it annoying when you get blamed for nothing at times? Especially when it’s a huge mistake that someone else did? I do. And most of the time, the mistake doesn’t even involve me.

And through dire times like this, sometimes all we ever need is just,


coupled with

and you’re happy for life already. Guaranteed! 🙂

PS; Dear college mates, if you’re reading this, thank you for making me laugh. Even though I’ve been such a shitty person, but I still want to apologize for it. You know who you guys are.

July 16, 2011


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Recently, my friend had just gotten out of a relationship. Although he had only dated the girl for nearly 5 months, but deep down inside, the girl mattered a lot to him. The best part of the story is, the girl didn’t even want to care about him anymore. If she needed help in anything, she would call out to him to rescue her, no matter the situation. But if the situation was reversed, she couldn’t be bothered to help  him out, even though it was one small tiny favor.

Being in a relationship myself, I don’t see the purpose of the girl doing that to my friend. I mean, what’s the point of being in a relationship if you’re just using him/her for your own pleasure? It kind of means that you’re degrading the person, making him/her look like they’re someone who falls easily for another person. A relationship is meant to be something beautiful, and it should be treasured. If we don’t treasure our relationships, then what’s the point of being in one?

To those who’re in a relationship, treat your other half like he/she was something precious. Never let them go out of your sight, because you’ll never know what’ll happen. And if you have to let them go, let them go with good grace. Revenge is never something good, for it may lead to  your very own destruction. We all know that relationships often brings the meaning of something beautiful, but when it ends, it doesn’t always have to end disastrously. In fact, it can be the start of a beautiful friendship.

To my boyfriend, thank you for always being there with me. I know I’m not the perfect girl, but you know I’m always there for you.<3

Currently listening to Brooklyn Bridge by Lee Dewyze and I think it’s pretty sweet+romantic at the same time.

May 6, 2011

Just a dream.

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Currently listening to Christina Grimmie and Sam Tsui’s version.I LOOOVE their version.Especially Sam Tsui.I think his covers are awesome.Hands up to those who agree with me!:D hehe.Okay guys.So it’s been quite a while since my last post.That was because April was a really busy month for me.And when I say busy,I mean outings every week.Crazy huh?Yeah.Haha,my calendar was scribbled and crossed out with a lot of words.:O

Yes,I had to use a Post It to write down things and appointments to do just because my agenda section was full.:(

April was a pretty fun month for me,that’s what I can say.For one,I took the bus to college for the very first time.This was to avoid me missing out on the bus and not making me miss any class,heh.And I seldom use buses.I’m more of a train person.LRT,anyone?;) Hee.I also applied for a job at a local bookstore,but it was very hectic.Besides,I had a busy month planned in front of me already,what with outings and academic researches.I vowed to apply for a job during my long breaks.But knowing me,I’d break this simple vow,heh. :p

May brings a promise of new beginnings.For an instance,May marks the countdown to the day I start my college days and start anew.This time,no more teachers raging and screaming at us,demanding us to hand in our books whilst we students enjoy staring at her/his face slowly turning red or purple :p TEEHEE.No more wearing uniforms!But we get to wear casuals,and sometimes our definitions of ‘casuals’ are defined as too ‘simple’ or ‘sexy’ by the college dean.Then again,how can they stop us from wearing what we want?And the amount of assignments and homework is torturous,apparently AND according to my friends who have already started college.Eek,much? :O

I sense a new kind of feeling coming.Maybe it’s just me thinking outside of the box for once,but it feels so wrong yet right at the same time.Or maybe I’m just growing up.I used to think that whatever happens,will occur again.This time,I’m not feeling like that anymore.

April 8, 2011

New memories.

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Whenever I blog,I love listening to Bruno Mars’s song “Marry You”.I think it’s very sweet,especially Glee’s version.I loved the scene where Finn invited Kurt to dance.I find it touching.Heh,call me a Gleek,I don’t mind.We all have our own preferences,no?Each to his own,that’s all I can say.;) And this,calls for a new member to be added to the family.Say hello to my little bud 😉



We all hope to move on from the sad memories in life,and create new ones.But are we ALL capable of doing it?

March 18, 2011


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As some of my close friends would know,I am a huge fan of Nigahiga.I would always check his latest vids whenever I visit Youtube(and of course,look at  his other videos.I love his ‘Movies In Minutes’,especially the Twilight series.They never fail to make my day :D) and one of his latest videos showed me(and other people) that he is actually a very generous person.

When I logged into my msn a few minutes back,I read this piece of shocking news.Please help whenever you can.Yes,we all know that everyone has to go through hard times in their lives at some point,but hey,it wouldn’t hurt to help anyone in need,would it?If given proper help,the person in need of help can actually survive through his/her hard times,no?So do donate whatever you can-shoes,food,clothes,etc.Help the children(I sound like some raving grandmother,gosh.But whatever.What can you do about it?;]) and people in need.Why let one part of the world suffer and the other live a luxurious life?Penny for one’s thoughts,eh?

February 28, 2011

The little things.

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Isn’t it funny,how one thing can lead to another?Like today.Went to school to collect some certificates,and I bumped into some of my juniors.One of them commented on how much I had changed since the last time they saw me  and it suddenly dawned upon me that so much can change in matter of time,whether you want it or not.

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