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December 6, 2011

Childhood memories.

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Hey guys! I’ve not been blogging recently because of… you guessed it, assignments and presentations which was worth 20 marks for my total marks for the subject. Celebrated my 18th last week with the ex, (or should I say friend?) and a couple of other friends. Did not really expect anyone to remember my birthday, but surprise surprise! A few wished me on Facebook, and the rest via calls and texts. You guys made my day :’) and I was really genuinely touched by those who remembered my birthday, even though I didn’t mention anything about it. Albeit the surprise celebration, I still felt mean, because deep down inside, I didn’t want anyone to celebrate it for me. Instead, I wanted to celebrate it myself. But heck, I do appreciate it. I got a cuppachino cake! ❀ ehehe. I simply love coffee, and I got to choose my cake! Redemption, ehehe πŸ™‚ Deep apologies to my readers, the cake was gobbled up by greedy me because I didn’t eat lunch on that day, and only had the cake during 4 something in the afternoon. 😦

Things are very complicated between me and the ex at the moment, and I wish it’d work out by itself sometimes, but heck, nothing does. :/ And now, I’m in the midst of my finals! πŸ™‚ Hopefully I can score in it, and get a good CGPA. Okay, okay. So today I sat for my philosophy examination, and boy was it one hell of a paper. I simply wrote whatever came into my mind, and handed it up with a sigh of relief. Hanged out at A&W with a couple of friends, and we talked about our dream jobs and childhood memories. They brought tears to my eyes, and I brushed them away, simply dismissing them as tears the eyes secretes when the person is sleepy. It’s not that talking about childhood memories brings me to tears, but instead it was the experience that one of my friends had encountered. He had a pretty bad childhood. Although it happened to many of us, but his was one of those I would never forget. “You would never know how it feels like, unless you have experienced it.” True, yet it brings a deep meaning. Thank you, J, for teaching me a some valuable lessons today.

“Esse est percipi”(To be is to be perceived)- George Berkeley. Perceiving things as they are cannot be truly done by society now. What if we were to be drug addicts? Would we be perceiving ourselves the way we are? I don’t think so. :/ so much for being a philosopher, eh? Three more exams to go, and then it’s Bangkok for Christmas! ❀


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